Welcome to 2020

My last post was about NaNoWriMo. Once again I didn’t meet the 50k word deadline. What I did accomplish was almost completing Book 4 and getting a head start on book 5.  Woo Hoo. That’s a win.

As of this weekend, I’ve finished the minor edits on Book 4 and added a missing section. I had a blank area where the murder was solved. Kinda important. Finally decided who dun it. Not 100% convinced I’ll keep that solution, but it’s good for now. Next thing is to print it and go over everything. One section needs to be moved to a different spot in the story. Hopefully I can get through a few self-edits, my editor, then off to the printer by mid-late spring. Oh and I guess I need a cover too.

Clip art courtesy of Suzanne’s Scribbles Is A Category Of My Blog – Cat Writing Clipart

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