Homicide on the Homestead

Hi. Looks like Book 4 will be ready to be published soon. Working on the (hopefully) final edits and already have the cover partially done. Need to get a few more elements to my graphics designer. Fingers crossed it will be out before Christmas. Here’s a snip of the cover.

Welcome to 2020

My last post was about NaNoWriMo. Once again I didn’t meet the 50k word deadline. What I did accomplish was almost completing Book 4 and getting a head start on book 5.  Woo Hoo. That’s a win.

As of this weekend, I’ve finished the minor edits on Book 4 and added a missing section. I had a blank area where the murder was solved. Kinda important. Finally decided who dun it. Not 100% convinced I’ll keep that solution, but it’s good for now. Next thing is to print it and go over everything. One section needs to be moved to a different spot in the story. Hopefully I can get through a few self-edits, my editor, then off to the printer by mid-late spring. Oh and I guess I need a cover too.

Clip art courtesy of Suzanne’s Scribbles Is A Category Of My Blog – Cat Writing Clipart

Almost NaNoWriMo time

I realize it’s only October 1, but I’ve set up my 2019 project on the NaNo website. For those not familiar with the event, every November writers are encouraged to write 50,000 words (or more) in the month of November. So far I haven’t hit the target, but I still keep plugging away. This year, I hope to finish book 4 in the Hodgins novella series, and get a start on book 5. Will I reach the goal? Probably not, but at least the book will be started.

Corpses for Christmas

Book 3 in the Detective Hodgins series is now available at Chapters and Amazon.

Back Blurb, in case you are curious:



A long over-due visit by Detective Hodgins’ brother and his family promises to bring a special cheer and excitement to the holiday season. But, a body is found propped up against his daughter’s school, tainting the happy family reunion. The investigation takes a drastic turn for the worse when Detective Hodgins is forced to set aside his emotions and loyalties in the face of cold hard facts. If he can’t sift through his brother’s lies to find the truth, there may be no saving him from the rope.